If you felt the ground move around 2 this afternoon, you're not going crazy.  An earthquake, centered in Virginia was felt in Washington DC , Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York City and here in Central New York.  The quake hit about 40 miles from Richmond and caused evacuations at all government buildings in DC and control towers at JFK and Newark airports .

Listeners felt the shakes all over the area.  We asked if anyone else felt the tremor on our Facebook page and had a flurry or responses from Utica to Syracuse to Mohawk. So if you felt it, you weren't alone. 

Howard Carr said: 'Sure as heck did in Nedrow. Hanging plants swinging and I thought someone was running on the floor.'

Margie Hall 'felt it in syracuse. Actually made my ceiling fans shake.'

Lisa Matassa posted on her fan page: 'This was crazy! Never in a million years did I think we would feel an earthquake on Long Island!! Nerves are rattled that's for sure!!

Bunnie Burns-Tucker said: 'im in a second story i thought it was a washer down stairs lol.'

Barbara Brewer Bellstedt posted: 'I was sitting in my recliner and felt it. I thought it was my dog moving around by my chair but she was across the room!'