Move over jello shots, here comes pudding shots.  If your backyard Labor Day party usually includes the customary jello mixture, add a twist this year with it's flavorful cousin, pudding. Polly Wogg and I discovered these at a Heron Creek golf outing, so we refer to them as Heron Creek Pudding Shots.  Read more for a couple of recipes.

Meet Kim, the mastermind behind the Heron Creek Pudding Shot.

Kim offers her basic recipe:

2 boxes of pudding

1 cup of non-dairy creamer

1/4 or 1/2 cup of alcohol (depends on the kick you're looking for)

8 oz Cool Whip

When the chemist in Kim comes out, she begins mixing various forms of alcohol, creamers and puddings.  So you can mix and match and create flavors of your own choosing. Here's two of Kim's favorites, Almond Joy and Strawberry.

Almond Joy Pudding Shots


2 boxes of chocolate pudding

1 cup of Almond Joy Creamer

8 0z Cool Whip

Vodka (make you strong like bull)


Strawberry Pudding Shots


2 boxes of Vanilla Pudding

1 cup French Vanilla Pudding

8 oz cup of Cool Whip

Tequila Rose

Kim checks in again with more preparation tips and offers more flavorful combinations.

On preparation, she says make the pudding as per box directions, add the alcohol and then the cool whip.  Only mix about 60 seconds because the pudding begins to set up quickly.  Kim suggests mixing it in a pitcher, makes it easy to pour into small cups and then freeze.   She also has a few more flavor combinations to offer, including instead of non dairy creamer try using a combination of Irish Cream and milk.

Root Beer Float

Vanilla Pudding with Root Beer Schnapps for the Irish Cream.


Vanilla pudding with Triple Sec  and Orange Vodka

Café Mocha

Chocolate Pudding with Raspberry Vodka

White Russian

Chocolate Pudding with Khalua for the Irish Cream

Banana Cream

Banana Pudding with Coconut Rum for Vodka


Pistachio Pudding with ½ Cup Amaretto, ½ Cup Irish Cream ¼ Cup Vodka