If you're a Dancing With the Stars fan, it'll come as no surprise "Psycho" Mike Catherwood was the first celebrity to be sent home.  Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and TV diva Wendy Williams were in the bottom three last night.  And unless Williams has a miraculous comeback next week, she could be the next one to take off her dancing shoes. 

Watch Mike's elimination and goodbye speech


After last night's show, Kirstie Alley talked about the comment  from comedian George Lopez, who compared her to the Geico squealing pig.

She says it's nothing new for her and she's forgiven him

The Lopez jab may be a good thing for Kirstie, gaining her more attention, which in turn gains her more votes to stay on Dancing With the Stars.  It's almost like the Taylor Swift, Kanye West debacle, when fans stood up in her defense.

Tune in ABC Monday at 8 as the remaining stars take to the dance floor again.