Tonight Big Brother will be on CBS. What type of drama and game play can we expect? Check out some of our SPOILERS and PREVIEWS.

Warning, this post has spoilers.....BE WARNED BEFORE READING FURTHER:

First off, we were left with Donny and Paola on the block. The VETO competition has taken place, and Donny ended up winning the POV. He ended up using the POV on himself, and Joey took his place on the block.

Now, one would think the house is in love with Joey, that doesn't appear to be the case. The Big Brother Network reporting Joey ended up revealing her all-girls alliance, and then pretended it never existed. This was a very bad move and got the other House Guests very suspicious of her.

On Saturday night Joey imploded her game by confronting Devin and telling him that she wanted him to go up and be the first evicted. Joey didn’t realize you don’t broadcast these sorts of plans, especially not to the target. It all worked in reverse and suddenly the house was fully against her."

Could Joey be the first House Guest to go home of #bb16?