As we get older, our memory starts to slip a bit.  I especially have trouble remembering names.  Now who are you again?  Anyhow, keeping in touch with friends may help keep your memory sharp.

"Eating brain food, such as blueberries and oily fish, and doing crossword puzzles can go a long way to preserving your memory, but research from Johns Hopkins University shows that the best way to stave off memory loss is to stay in contact with friends. Doctors looked at 147 pairs of twins and found that those who interacted most with other people had by far the lowest rate of mental decline as they aged. In fact, hanging out with your buddies can reduce memory loss by as much as 50%. You don't have to be married or have a large family or an extensive number of friends. Daily contact with one or two people will do the trick. And that contact doesn't even have to be face to face. Phone calls and e-mail work just as well."