I spent much of the day following 'Polly's All Nighter,' catching up on lack of sleep, swallowing aspirin for my pounding head and resting sore muscles from too much dancing. But as I lay in bed I realize, every ache and pain was worth every second!  You ladies know how to party.

The theme of the night was 'What happens at Polly's All Nighter, stays at Polly's All Nighter,' but I had to share some of the highlights.

From shopping at the vendors and getting gifts, palm readings, massages and photos taken, to dancing, strippers and draq queens, it was a night most won't forget, including the 70 year-old woman who got her first tattoo!


The staff at La Quinta Inns & Suites was wonderful. Although I didn't spend much time in it, my room was picture perfect, complete with jacuzzi and fireplace.


There were plenty of highlights but the drag queens topped the night!


Check out photos and video but be advised, some may not be suitable for work :)

Who's ready for round two?

Polly's All Nighter Photos

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