'Pedallin' with Polly Wogg' team donations: $3257
Total miles pedaled: 15 Miles
Giving all you can for charity: Priceless

Damp, tired and sore but worth every mile.  The 'Pedallin' with Polly Wogg' team made it all 15 miles in the Tour de Cure ride despite the wind and rain.  Crossing the finish line was a great feeling, knowing you gave everything you had. Once you get past the burning in your legs, the numbness in your butt and the lack of oxygen getting into your lungs, your golden.  I'll admit I faltered with less than 2 miles to go.  My daughter was the one pushing me, giving me just what I needed to finish.

A big thank you to all the 'Pedallin' with Polly Wogg' team members who took part in the fight against diabetes and their families who came to support them.

Pedallin' with Polly Wogg Team
Paul Link
Shelly Santmier
Shayna Fick
Shannon Humphry (62 miles!)

Together we raised over $3200 for the American Diabetes Association.  Not bad for a crew who hasn't spent much time on a bike.  Shelly had us all beat with a few 6 mile training rides .  PJ made it out a few times as well.  But Paul's ride from the car to his garage has to be the shortest training in history.

A big round of applause to Shannon Humphrey who went big and took on the 62 mile ride.  Plus she raised over $1000. Apparently she did a little more training.

Check out video of my ride and pictures from the start-finish line.  My favorite part of the day was the last picture taken once we got home.  It was the best 2 hour nap I've had in some time.