Polly Wogg has built a cardboard boat for Redneck Yachting this weekend at Kayuta Lake Campground. The question is, how long will "The Pond-Tune float?"  Click to check out photos from the construction project and then guess in minutes and seconds how long before it sinks to win a Frog Freebie Prize Pack.

My bet is, it doesn't make it off the starting line.  Place your guess on the float time below, the closest without going over will win our newly designed Big Frog T-Shirt and CD.

Build your own boat and join us at the Kayuta Lake Campground this Saturday as we broadcast live from noon to 2, with the Redneck Yachting boat race beginning at 2. More details here.

And for those that believe this is my way of getting back at Polly Wogg for making fun of me after losing the keys, you are dead on.