We have a new addition to our family.  We picked up this cute little kitten over the weekend.  Ironically, Matt and his wife picked up a new pet this weekend too.  They adopted a cat from the humane society and named her Fenway, since Matt's wife is a Boston Red Sox fan.  Our newest member of the family remains nameless.  I thought of boots for her white paws, but that's so common.  I'd rather pick something unique.  Any suggestions?

Everyone is excited about the new kitten, expect our dog Molly, that is.  The two seem to be curious but cautious of each other.  The kitten will let the dog sniff her, if the dog doesn't make any sudden movements, but Molly likes to jump and play, which scares the kitten.   All weekend you'd hear, 'Molly don't jump, Molly stop that, Molly be nice.'  Poor dog.  Now we need a name for the kitten so we can stop saying 'Hey be nice, hey don't hiss at her, hey kitty kitty.'

Watch Molly & Kitty Become Acquainted