Who is Jared Blake?  If you watch the new NBC show "The Voice," you may have seen Jared.  He's on Blake Shelton's team after getting a second shot. 

During his first audition, none of the 4 judges choose him.  But he received a second shot during the callbacks and Blake grabbed him after he sang the Dixie Chick's "Not Ready to Make Nice."

But before "The Voice," Jared was just a struggling musician.  And although he may not look like it, he's a country boy.  He's worked with Gretchen Wilson, Dierks Bentley and The Muzik MafiaHe says some of the best advice he received so far, came from Reba, who said " to utilize the performer in you to hold the crowd."  And his coach Blake Shelton is great.  What Jared has enjoyed about him the most is "that he focuses strictly on the positive of what your biggest skills are and enhancing those rather than the way the industry usually is, which is telling you everything you're doing wrong ."

Jared's musical influences range from "Johnny Cash to Guns N Roses."  He says he just likes music "that's real."  He is having a problem fitting in to the country music mold though, with his bald head and tattoos.  His last music producer told him "there's never been a bald, tatted up guy with earrings in country music, therefore there is no statistic on whether it will work or not."

He's hoping to find his big break soon.  He's got six children, who he calls "the biggest blessing in his life."  On the other hand, they are "the biggest holdbacks," in a career where you have to basically live on the road.  Being a father is Jareds "number one priority, but you can't  just live off the music."

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Last night, in the battle rounds, Jared took on the duo, Ellenowen.  Both sang "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and in the end, Blake Shelton picked Jared. 

Watch the battle between Jared and Ellenowen

Watch Jared's audtion of "Not Ready To Make Nice"