Josh Thompson will be 'Comin' Around' to the Herkimer County Fairgrounds Saturday for the Wild West FrogFest & Rodeo. He'll take the stage at 5pm and he told me he's ready for a rowdy crowd.

Starting out in Nashville
Josh spent the early days in his career working two jobs.  By day he poured concrete, by night he wrote music.  It wasn't until he stopped writing what he thought people wanted to hear and started writing what fit him that things started to turn around.  Josh says he 'hasn't thrown out my work boots yet,' but it seems his concrete pouring days are long behind him.

Live Shows
His first song, 'Beer on the Table' seems appropriate for the rowdy FrogFest crowd and he's ready.  'The rowdier the betterWe like to keep things moving.  People spend their hard earned money and want to have a good time, and so do we.'  Josh's favorite song to perform live is 'Way Out Here.' 'The way the crowd reacts to that song and how loud they sing it each night is amazing to see and hear.  It's like singing a new song every night.'  Josh also likes to be a little crazy on stage.  He once took a sledgehammer to his drummer's cymbals, but recommends not to do that.  'My drummer wasn't very happy and if there's anyone on stage you want to keep happy, it's your drummer, since he kind of keeps the show on track.'

Young Josh Thompson
Growing up, Josh was an active kid.  He says 'I had A.D.D and was bouncing off the walls.  The doctor had two suggestions; take Ritalin or take up sports.  In Wisconsin in the winter there isn't many sporting options so  I took part in gymnastics.'   He was pretty good too.  Josh is a two time time state champion.  Now I'm trying to picture Josh Thompson in those gymnast tights.

Outdoor Living
When Josh isn't on stage you'll find him outdoors, hunting, fishing or golfing.  Whatever the activity, it has to be outdoors.  Josh enjoys being outside so much he once spent 9 months in the woods, living off the land, learning primitive survival skills.  How did he take a shower?  'There's a lake, what else do you need' was his response.  But what about a soap, a bed, a pillow, electricity? 'Those are just luxuries.'  I wonder if he wrote 'Way Out Here' after his time in the woods.

Josh went to college for a backup plan.  He has a degree in Natural Resources but says ' the average pay is only about 20 cents a day,' so it's a good thing the music career is going well.  'We'll stick with Plan A for now.'

Plan A has Josh touring all over the country.  His favorite places to visit are 'Northern California, the desert and anywhere along the East Coast from Maryland up. 'Anywhere I can get seafood.'  A dish I'm sure he'd serve if he had the opportunity to dine with his biggest musical influences, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy Cline.

With an expanded rodeo this year, will we see Josh on a bull?  'I rode a mechanical bull once and learned I had no business being on a real one.'  We'll keep him away from the rodeo so he doesn't hurt himself and can't go on.

Josh Thompson talks with Polly

Josh will be 'Comin' Around' with Easton Corbin Saturday.  Get your advance sale FrogFest tickets for $18 at Price Chopper, Herkimer County Fairgrounds, online or at our business office on River Road in Marcy.

Gates open at 9am
Painted Pony Rodeo begins at 12pm
Local Bands at 2pm
Josh Thompson 5pm
Easton Corbin 6:15pm

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