One  member of Blake Shelton's team on 'The Voice' has ties to Central New York. Collin McLoughlin is a Colgate University grad.  'I spent four years at Colgate and graduated in 2010. The winter was the hardest part.  I remember going to class with my hair freezing. But it was a beautiful place.  I had a greatest experience there.  I think Fall is my favorite part of Upstate New York.'  Collin looks a little different from his Colgate days.

Check out Collin's farewell performance at Colgate University.

Break From School
Collin choose to take a break from grad school at NYU to pursue his musical career, much to his mother's disappointment. 'If I didn't go for it now, I wouldn't have a chance to really do it. Even though it was a risky decision it seems to be paying off and my mother is off my back these days.'


The Steal
The hunch to follow his dream has indeed paid off for Collin, who is singing in front of millions on 'The Voice.'  Collin started on Adam Levin's team but for the first time, coaches can steal.  An addition Collin is happy about since he lost the battle round on Team Adam. Noth Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton wanted to steal Collin, but In the end, Collin went with Blake. 'A big part of my decision was Blake actually thought I won the battle. And the things he said after the battle, I felt he really got me as a person and a musician.'

Working with Blake Shelton
Since being on Team Blake, Collin says he does as much laughing as working. 'Blake is such a great guy.  He's had so much success yet he's such a humble, normal person. Its like hanging out with your uncle and you forget how big of a star he really is. He has a great sense of humor and it never feels like you're working.'  Collin does need to work on putting his emotion into the song for the next round though.  A point given by both Adam and Blake.


Personal Life
Singing and playing the guitar isn't the only thing Colin is good at.  Ladies, he loves to cook.  But don't get too excited.  He's taken.  'I do have a girlfriend.'  So who does the cooking? 'We both do.  We like to cook together.'  Everyone say, ahhhh how sweet.

Before starring on 'The Voice,' Collin was a star on YouTube where he's had millions watch his videos.  11 million views to be exact on his own YouTube channel.

Next up for Collin is the knock out round, another new addition to the show which he's tight lipped about.  'I don't think I'm allowed to say too much about it, I'm sorry.'  Basically, make it through that round and you're on the live shows where the viewers choose your fate.

You can follow Collin on Facebook and Twitter. We wish Collin the best of luck and we'll be watching.

'The Voice' battle rounds continue tonight at 8 on NBC.