It may comes as no surprise, especially to those who know me, I wasn't a very good kid.  To say I was a handful is an understatement.  And it was my mother who had to deal with it all since my father was always working.  My mother wasn't one to say 'wait til your father gets home.'  She handled every situation herself and taught me not only how to be a good mom but a strong woman.

When I was young, my mother taught me right from wrong.  I once stole candy from the store and my mom walked me back to the store to admit what I'd done and return what I'd stolen.

She stood by me when I made mistakes but taught me how to learn from them.  She may have thought I wasn't listening while she sat on the side of my bed talking endlessly about responsibility and life in general, but I heard her.  I now do the same with my own daughter and I'm sure she hates it as much as I did.

My mother taught me how to be strong and not let someone else tell you when you're wrong.  When I was a teenager, I fell off my bike and had a concussion.  She took me to see our family doctor and gave him a piece of her mind when he said I was faking.  That was the last time I ever went to that doctor.

My mother taught me, the best way to man's heart is through his stomach.  She's one of the best cooks and bakers around.  I love going home to have a home cooked meal.  Thankfully, her cooking skills rubbed off too.

My mother was there for me so many times.  She was there when I needed money, when I was in a car accident, when I graduated college, when I went through a divorce, when I remarried and when I had my daughter.

I only hope I can be as good a mom to my daughter as she was for me.  Happy Mother's Day!