I'm always up for trying something new.  So when I was asked if I wanted to try pole fitness, I thought why not?  How hard can spinning around a pole really be?  Ha, little did I know.  I have a whole new respect for Val, my pole fitness instructor at Bella Dolls in Rome, and anyone else who can do what she does.  I also have a new respect for how out of shape I really am.

First Val rolled out a mat on the floor, which I wondered why we'd need when we were just spinning on a pole.  Apparently you have to stretch first.  When I told her I NEVER work out, she promised to take it easy on me.  Heck, I can't imagine what a full routine would entail.  At one point my legs gave out and I just collapsed.  I even started calling her Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser for working me so hard.  Well, hard for this old and out of shape body.

Then it was onto spinning around the pole, which was just as hard, if not harder, than the stretching.  For the life of me, I COULD NOT get it.  It was the most awkward, unsexy thing you'll ever watch.

Check out the video and some of the positions Val put me in.  My husband even saw parts of it and said 'she doesn't bend that way!'  And try not to laugh too hard at the pole 'spinning' or should I call it pole falling.

You'll notice music behind my workout video.  That's because our tech guy couldn't beep out all the bad words I was saying while working out.  My body still hurt FIVE DAYS later and my legs were COVERED in bruises.  Oh, I'm sorry, they're called 'pole kisses.'  But that pole smacked my legs pretty hard.

Val must have felt sorry for me when our session was over.  This is what she gave me.


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At least I didn't look as bad as these top 10 pole dance fails.