Doctors have told many of us we need to relax, lower our blood pressure and de-stress.  If you were an avid Seinfeld fan, the phrase "Serenity Now" needs no explanation.   It was a phrase the George's dad was supposed to use to lower his blood pressure.  Without realizing it, I have apparently adopted that philosophy only with different phrases.  Do you have a relaxation phrase?

I discovered my penchant for certain phrases when others started saying them back to me.  My "go-to" phrase appears to come from the Tom T Hall song, "I Love."   If you hear "I love little baby ducks" coming from my mouth, you know trouble is brewing.

I don't even know where # 2 comes from. A search of the web indicates some scouts sing this song, maybe it's a nursery rhyme. And I'm sure I don't know the entire song. But "Greasy, Grimey, Gopher Guts" indicates someone up the food chain needs a report.

And the term "hillbillies and goats" translates into "That's ENOUGH!" I'm moving back home and starting the Tad Pole Alpaca-Goat Farm.

And finally a salute to "Serenity Now."

Do you have relaxation phrase or code word that reduces your stress? If so, please share them everyone's tired of hearing my 3 repeatedly.