While it was great feather in the cap for Rochester to host the 2013 PGA Championship. Some players and media members found the fans rude.  One player, Ian Poulter, was less than appreciative on Twitter.  (Warning! Tweet contains curse word.)  Click and see if you agree with him.

It has become customary for golf fans to yell "Get in the hole" following a players swing.  Fans at the PGA Championship this weekend took it a step further, yelling "Mashed Potatoes," "Chewbacca" and other assorted comments.

Yahoo.com writer, Jay Busbee thought the gallery was embarrassing.

...the New York gallery at the 2013 PGA Championship was an embarrassment, the absolute worst ever at a major. When every single tee shot is accompanied by howls of listen-to-me idiots, it's time to bust out the whipping sticks. Augusta National has the right idea: you yell "Get in the hole!" there, you lose your right to ever come to the Masters again.


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