Parenting isn't an easy job.  With the changing times, punishment is different from when we were kids.  Remember being sent to your room when you misbehaved.  Now a days, kids have everything in their rooms, from laptops and televisions to their cell phone.  Being send to your room isn't a punishment anymore.

Two parents in Wisconsin decided to get creative handing down punishment to their teen.  They took away her cellphone.  A no brainer.  But they took it a step further.  Mom and dad took some silly pictureson her phone and uploaded them to her Facebook page.  How embarrassing!  Kids don't even like being seen in public with their parents, never mind having them post ridiculous photos on their Facebook page.


What a brilliant idea.  Kudos to these Wisconsin parents for being creative and effective at the same time.  It got me to thinking...

I should do that too.  Not that my 16 year-old has misbehaved, but I'm sure there's things she's done I'm not aware of.  So this is for all those times I didn't know about.


Source: TheFw