Caterpillar, Wooly Worm or Wooly Bear, whatever you call it, folk lore says they can be winter weather predictors.  This one was found in the station parking lot this past weekend.  So what does he/she say is coming for CNY this winter?

According to lore and the Farmer's Almanac there are several things to study in the caterpillar to predict the coming winter.  According to the almanac's blogger, Peter Geiger, the coat color and thickness is just the beginning.

Some folks have taken this to an extreme. Supposedly there are thirteen segments in a typical banded wooly bear, and many people believe that each segment represents one week of winter. Orange segments predict mild weeks, and black ones foretell bad winter weather

Geiger even suggests the direction it's traveling when found says something.  So let's virtually dissect this little guy, virtually.

  • Thick coat, Mr. Wooly looks pretty wooly, lots of snow.
  • Color looks like lots of snow to start a break in the middle and more at the end.
  • 13 bands, looks like about 5 weeks of snow, 5 mild and 3 more of snow.
  • It was traveling north-east when discovered, should indicate mild winter.

In comparison to the Old Farmer's Almanac prediction,

Winter will be milder than normal across the north but colder in the south, with precipitation and snowfall both slightly above normal. The coldest periods will be in early and mid-December, late January, and late February. The snowiest periods will be in early November, early to mid-December, late December, and early February.

My best guess is it will snow sometimes, sometimes it won't.  Sometimes it will be cold and sometimes it won't.  You can trust me on that forecast.