Usain Bolt may be the fastest man on earth but his training regimen may not be for everyone. Bolt recently was quoted by the New York Post saying that he ate 1000 McDonald's Chicken McNuggets before competing in the 2008 Olympic games in China. Two questions come to mind, why and how?

The answer to why is easy. He wasn't crazy about Chinese food. The answer to the second, how, is astonishing.

“At first I ate a box of 20 for lunch, then another for dinner. The next day I had two boxes for breakfast, one for lunch and then another couple in the evening. I even grabbed some fries and an apple pie to go with it,” he writes. He estimates that during the 10 days he spent in Beijing, he downed 100 nuggets every 24 hours. That equals 1,000 chunks of chicken.

via Usain Bolt: Torrid sex and 1,000 McNuggets | New York Post.

Don't get me wrong, I like a Chicken McNugget every now and then but a box of 6 is usually my limit. I doubt any personal trainer would recommend this diet no matter how it worked for Bolt. His new memoir, "Faster Than Lightning" is due out next week.