Have your had your vehicle for some time?  Does it do strange things? I've had my Honda Civic since 2004.  It's the first vehicle I've actually owned.  It's been paid off for some time  but its been doing some funky things.  The latest is the driver side door handle.  It stays up when you open the door and if you don't push it back down before close it, you can't get out.  I have, on occasion, rolled down the window, to reach out and push the handle down so I could get out.  It's a lot easier than crawling over to the passenger side to get out.

My gas cover is another story.  It stuck shut one day and when we finally manually popped it open, it wouldn't close again.  My mechanic informed me it would cost over $200 for the cable to fix it.  I choose just to leave it hanging open.  It not only saved me two hundred bucks, it also showed me the courteous people around me.  Do you know how many times someone has come up to me or asked me to roll down the window in traffic to tell me I'd left my gas cap open.

What quirks does your vehicle have?