When John Rich battles a cold he relies on a home remedy handed down from his grandmother.

He Tweeted the old family secret.

John Rich/Twitter

So did it work?

John Rich/Twitter

If that doesn't work, here's a few other wacky home remedies he can try:

-Painting cow manure on your bare chest in the sign of the crucifix.
-Making a powder of dried frog skins, mixing it with fruit juice and drinking the concoction.  Just don't tell Jeremiah.
-Rub your feet with tallow and turpentine and rest them against a warm wood stove
-Wear the skin of a white weasel around your neck
-Drink a hot toddy consisting of whiskey, citrus and hot water
-Eat chocolate

Growing up we had Buckley's cough syrup when we were sick.  It was the most disgusting smelling and tasting stuff EVER, but it worked. Just watched the little boys reaction below.  It says it all.

What odd cold/flu remedy have you heard or used?