Here's your HERO OF THE DAY. Nine-year-old Rocky Hurt of Marietta, Georgia, is the poster child for why kids should pay attention in school.

Rocky and his friend were playing football when his neighbor ran outside screaming for them to call 911 because her two-month-old song Isaiah has stopped breathing. Susanna Rohm didn't know how to do CPR but Rocky had just learned all about it in health class so he taught her how to perform CPR on an infant.

Rocky had her put two fingers on the baby's stomach, press down five times, then breathe into his mouth and repeat. And after a few minutes, Isaiah started breathing again just as the ambulance arrived.

Susanna says her son would've DIED without getting CPR. He's been diagnosed with sleep apnea, which is what caused him to stop breathing.
Not only did this NINE year old remember what he was taught, he took control in a stressful situation, when other may crumble.  This young kids and his parents should be extremely proud.

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