The Utica Comets open the home portion of their 2013-14 season tonight before a sell-out crowd at the Utica Aud and while most fans will be looking forward to fast paced hockey game and a Comet win many will be hoping to also see a fight or two. NHL legend and Hall of Famer Booby Orr says that fighting needs to stay in the game.

Orr spoke recently to Toronto's Globe and Mail.

I believe that especially at the pro level you need to be held accountable for your actions, and the threat of a fight can accomplish that. I see little pests with face shields or visors acting like tough guys and not having to account for their actions. Those pests take away from the honour of the game and actually help create more opportunities for injuries.

via There is a place for fighting in hockey: Bobby Orr - The Globe and Mail.

I suppose it is somewhat similar to what some racing fans experience. Although crashes are a part of the sport and some spectators look forward to them it is the action that fills the seats.
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