With today's technology, bullying is becoming a bigger problem.  Its much easier to send an e-mail or post on Facebook and Twitter than it is to voice your opinions to someone's face.  It's not just kids who are bullies, adults can be cruel too.  But one news anchor in Wisconsin won't be bullied and has a message for anyone who has that will bring tears to your eyes.

Jennifer Livingston of WKBT responded to a listeners email that called her fat and the video has gone viral. Her words are so powerful, I hope every adult shows this to their kids to teach them bullying is not acceptable.  A round of applause to Livingston for turning a horrible situation into a learning experience that touches thousands.

With October being anti-bullying month, its important for parents to teach their kids to be nice, not cruel.  It's also important for people to stand up for whats right and stop the madness.  Students at Madison-Oneida BOCES have done their part in raising awareness with their anti-bullying project that is being aired on 20-20.

Remember Karen Klein, the Rochester area bus driver who was abused verbally by a number of kids?  She took the money thousands raised for her to retire and started her own anti-bullying campaign.

Together we can make a difference.