Many people pay their bills online and use debit cards for purchases. Now a new app for Apple and Android devices is eliminating the use of checks for personal person to person transactions. Starting today, you will be able to email cash directly from your debit card to someone  else's without cost regardless of what banks are involved.

The new service is called Square Cash and here, according to All Things D, is how it works.

Say you want to send $47.12 to your sister. You just compose an email with her email address in the “To” field and, in the “CC” field, you enter “” In the subject field, you enter the amount you’re sending — in this case, “$47.12.” You can leave the message body blank, or add a note explaining you’re sending the money and why. Then, you just press Send.

via Square Cash Review - The Money Is in the Email - Walt Mossberg - Personal Technology - AllThingsD.

The first time you use it Square Cash will send you a link where you can enter your debit card number. The recipient will also get an e-mail with a link to enter their information. For all the details go to the Square Cash website.
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