Oops!  Nancy Grace suffered a wardrobe malfunction on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.  Cameras quickly cut away while she readjusted her dress after her quickstep.  Host Tom Bergeron joked 'On the European version that would have been perfectly fine.'  Judge Bruno Tonioli called the dance a 'bit top-heavy at times' and said 'I got an eyeful! I couldn't miss that.'  Grace's slip didn't affect her scores, she ended up with 21 out of 30.  Maybe falling out of her dress helped Nancy score a few extra points, from the men.  At least she gave a memorable performance. 

The malfunction came at the end of the dance and only appears for a half second.  Anyone watching at home wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary other than the camera going to a group of non-clapping audience members, twice.  It's at the 4:16 mark of the video below.

The highest scoring dance of the night came from former talk show host Ricki Lake.  And everything stayed in place, despite her skimpy costume and 'bouncy' jive.  The judges called it the best dance of the night.

Former soldier, turned soap opera star, JR Martinez may not have a fan base like the other contestants, but his fancy footwork could change all that.   He's training harder than everyone else to make his dance perfect, in hopes of sticking around.  But if he keeps dancing the way he's been, fan base or not, he could win.  The judges were mixed on the dance with Len Goodman saying it was more a lindy hop than a jive.  But to the average viewer, who actually votes, it was the best of the night.  Judge for yourself.

Chaz Bono has the lowest score of the night after his not so quick-step.  He's been dealing with sore knees all week.  David Arquette and Carson Kressley have no rhythm, but they are both fun to watch.  What they lack in ability, they both make up for in enthusiam and energy, which may get them enough votes to stick around another week or two.  George Clooney's ex Elisabetta Canalis may be in the middle of the pack as far as scores go, but her attitude could send her home.  Maybe it's just me, but she seems to be a bit of diva and only smiles when the cameras are on her.  She could be sent packing this week.  Although Nancy Grace was in the bottom two last week and her wardrobe malfunction may not even be enough to keep her around.