For the past 20-plus years, my daughter and I have ventured out to Syracuse for our annual pilgrimage to The Great New York State Fair. We took in the fair this past Sunday for all that it has to offer. And, in case you think you've seen every kind of food at the fair, take a look at this.

courtesy of Lauren McShea

Yes, chocolate covered bacon. Where else but at the NYS Fair? We've seen corn dogs, bloomin' onions, ice cream of the future, curley fries and of course "Gianelli in you belly" Sausage, but this is a new one on me! No, I didn't try it, but years ago on Cape Cod, I had chocolate covered potato chips, and they were great (actually, too good).

So, if you go the the fair, that may be a food you would like to try, or not.