Ice skating sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  That is, if you're not uncoordinated, like my 16 year old daughter, who fell and broke her ankle.  It's not really her fault.  She got all  the coordination from her mother.

The only thing worse than a broken bone is the wait in the emergency room. And we waited in the hall.  Hall 05 to be exact.  At least she was given a bed to lie in rather then sitting in a chair.

I would like to thank her nurse Lindsey, who was very good with her. Giving her ice to take down the swelling, medication for the pain and helping with the splint, which looked like just a piece of rubber.  The glass ortho splint hardened after being placed on her ankle.  It was the strangest thing I'd seen.  My daughter was even a little surprised when her ankle started to get warm.

Today is hopefully cast day.  At least she doesn't have school with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  She could have chosen a better time of year to break her ankle though.  Crutches in the snow is another recipe for disaster.  I mean with her coordination and all.  Maybe she can get her boyfriend to carry her everywhere, like he did last night.