During these late  Frog Days of Summer,  you may be facing the big move into the dorm...helping your sons and daughters move in at the college of their choice. I've done it many, many times and I know that it can be emotionally and physically draining.

As a parent, you want to send off your student on a positive note, but on that move-in day, you may be asking these questions when you arrive on campus:

1. Do you really need all this stuff?

2. Where in the world are you going to put the futon?

3. Why is the dorm room on the fourth floor?

4. Why don't the dorm elevators work on move-in day? (guaranteed to happen)

5. Why is that guy parked right in the middle of the road with all four doors open so nobody can get by?

6. Why do they tell you: "Don't worry, when your son or daughter is a junior or senior, they'll have a room on the first floor", and then they still have a room on the fourth floor when they're a junior or senior?

7. Why is it always 89 degrees on the day of the move-in?

8. Why do you feel sad that you're leaving your kids all alone, and then when you call them that night, they're out with 12 new friends having pizza and can't talk right now?

9. Why are all the student orientation leaders in the orange shirts helping all the other students move in but not yours?

10. Why does it take two and half hours, 3 power strips and 6 USB cords to set up that computer and printer?

11. Why are you the proudest parents on campus? (because he/she is your student, that's why)