Mountain Dew has yanked one of the weird, talking goat commercials after people complained it was RACIST.

It's part of a series of videos, where a goat goes on a rampage because it can't buy Mountain Dew. The controversial ad shows a battered white woman, who's standing in front of a police lineup. Every suspect is a black male, except for the goat, who's the REAL villain.

The goat intimidates the woman by saying things like 'You better not snitch on a player' and 'I'm gonna get out of here, and I'm gonna do you up!' She runs off yelling, 'I can't do this!' And that connects to Mountain Dew's 'Dew It' slogan.

Mountain Dew's parent company PepsiCo yanked the ad less than 24 hours after it debuted  and said, 'We understand how this video could be perceived by some as offensive, and we apologize to those who were offended.'

I don't find the commercial racist.  I find it dumb.  Why anyone would think people would like this ad, is beyond me. Maybe they should hire the people in charge of creating the K-Mart 'Ship My Pants,' commercial.  Now THAT was funny.