Blake Shelton added a duo to his team during the third night of blind auditions on 'The Voice,' but he lost out on the voice of the night.

2 Steel Girls had Blake's ear from the first note of 'Before He Cheats.'  He quickly turned his chair for the mother daughter duo, but so did coach Cee Lo Green.  Blake fought hard to get the twosome on his team.  He even pulled out the relationship card telling the family 'the most important thing is to protect you two and your relationship and how close you are and how much you love each other.  This business can pull people apart and make you bitter.  I want to be the guy that protects your mother/daughter relationship in a salvage, angry world of entertainment.'  Adam Levine even told him 'you're playing dirty now.'  It worked.  Blake got what he wanted.  2 Steel Girls chose to be on Blake's team.

2 Steel Girls 'Before He Cheats'

Nicolle Nelson was the only singer of the night who had all four judges turn their chairs to have her on their team.  She had the crowd on their feet with her beautiful voice and amazing rendition of 'Hallelujah.'  Adam was the first coach to push his button, but the other 3 quickly followed.  Blake did his best to convince Nicolle to be on his team.  He admitted he was probably over his head stylistically but did try to relate to her organic lifestyle saying 'I too am an organic kind of guy.'  'Like the organic bulls*** that comes out of your mouth' was Adam's reply.  Despite being a huge Blake fan, Nicolle ended up choosing to be on Adam Levine's team.

Nicolle Nelson 'Hallelujah'

Nigerian native Nelly's Echo is someone to watch.  He may not be on Blake's team, but his voice and his touching story will touch fans of the show.  Echo fled his home country at 15 with his entire family and just two suitcases. He's now living the American dream after choosing to be on Team Christina.

Nelly's Echo 'Ain't No Sunshine'

Every show has to have the evil villain.  There's always that one character you just don't like, for whatever reason.  This season, it's Domo for me.  There' s a fine line between being confident and being cocky and Domo just rubs me the wrong way.  Her attitude gets on my nerves and I hope she either tones it down a bit or goes home early.  Maybe her coach Cee Lo Green, who was the only one to turn his chair around, can tame the beast.  Watch her blind audition and judge for yourself.

Domo 'Don't Cha'

'The Voice' returns to NBC next Monday & Tuesday night.