The nude photo drama may just be beginning for Kate Middleton and Prince William. The editor of the French magazine Closer is hinting at having unpublished sex photos of Middleton and Prince William, though she hasn't divulged any details. In a video posted on TMZ, she says, 'I won't hide the fact there are more intimate pictures that exist that we haven't published and will not publish. These images are full of joy, not degrading.'

TMZ speculates this could be a threat to get the royals to drop their lawsuit of the topless pics of Kate.  The pictures have since been removed from the Closer magazine website but has posted several and Italy's Chi magazine published 50 topless pics of Kate.  Showbizspy has since posted the NSFW Chi pictures on their site too.

A representative for St. James Palace released a statement saying, 'Legal proceedings for the breach of privacy have been commenced in France.'

Closer editor Laurence Pieau is calling the media hypocritical for criticizing her decision to run the photos.  Big Frog listeners were split on whether or not the photos should have been published.  Poll results are leaning slightly to yes, they should be published. What do you think?

Source: TMZ, Gawker, Chi, Showbizspy