They boys are back! Montgomery Gentry's new album 'Rebels On The Run' is in stores today. 

If you're a Montgomery Gentry fan, you're going to love this album. Especially if you're a fan of the early Montgomery Gentry. From the sound of the CD, they went back to their roots. From 'Ain't No Law Against That' and 'Work Hard, Play Harder' to 'Damn Right I Am.' All are rockin', in your face, Montgomery Gentry tunes. They even called upon Randy Owen and Charlie Daniels for help on 'I Like Those People.' The CD comes from a new record label but the attitude is still the same. After all, these two know where they come from, which is why their first single off the new album is title just that, 'Where I Come From.'

Plus Montgomery Gentry is giving away a custom motorcycle from Demented Choppers to one lucky fan. One CD will have a special ticket included, like Willy Wonka. Find it, and you'll be off to Nashville to meet Montgomery Gentry and win the special bike. Go to their website for all the details.

So am I a fan of the 'Rebels On The Run?' Damn right I am!  And you will be too.

We'll be talking with the boys this week about their new album, their future and whatever else comes to mind.  Is there something you've been dying to ask Montgomery Gentery?  Send Polly Wogg your questions and she'll find out what you've always wanted to know.