Montgomery Gentry rocked the events center at Turning Stone in front of an almost sold out crowd. Before the show they treated our winners to a special sound check. Troy Gentry even managed to sneak into the crowd before the sound check to take a seat. He 'just wanted to see if anyone noticed,' and of course they did. Troy & Eddie not only sang several tunes, including a few off the new album out October 4th, they also took time for pictures with everyone on stage. A shower, dinner and a change of clothes later, Montgomery Gentry were ready to rock. Check out our photos from the sound check and show.

Eddie & Troy sounded and looked great. Eddie is half his size. Seems he's taking better care of himself since making a full recovery from cancer. And Troy has always been hot, right ladies?! The future is looking bright for Montgomery Gentry with a new record label, a new CD on the way and a new lease on life. It's nice to have you back boys.

Check out photos sent from listener Dotti Spina.  Thanks for sharing Dotti