Hometown boys Mike & Tom Gossin of Gloriana are returning for our Intimate Acoustic Show March 14th at the Rome Capitol Theater.  I spoke with Mike about the show and they are pumped to be coming back. 'We always love coming back home and playing.  We get to see family and it feels great to be back because we travel so much.'

Turning Stone Thanksgiving show
Gloriana was at the Turning Stone Thanksgiving weekend to play for a sold out crowd and Tom say they still think about that night. 'That was an amazing night.  That was so cool because we usually get home once a year to visit.  It was so great  seeing high school friends and just the support from the community was amazing.'

(Kissed You) Goodnight
Gloriana's new song '(Kissed You) Goodnight' has people talking.  They see and hear the response from fans on the road. 'We're so happy with this song and the response has been amazing live.  We had a blast making the video too.  We actually had our buddy Tyler Hilton and his real girlfriend Megan Clark star in the video. That song was really about first kisses.  It was really about that moment.  Tom was really a shy guy growing up and he wrote the song but he wrote it from personal experience.'

We know Tom's first kiss experience but what about Mike?  When was his? 'It was in first grade and her name was Shawna.  It was actually on Valentine's Day.  It was just a peck on the cheek but its got to count for something.'

Now Mike is all grown up and on the road with his brother and Rachel.  So has he kissed her yet?  'We get asked that so much.  No, unfortunately I have not.  Although she is a young, beautiful, very talented girl.  She's like a little sister to me but whoever is kissing Rachel is a very lucky person.'

Missing Home
When  Gloriana isn't touring all over the country, they now call Nashville home.  Although they love it there, Mike misses some things from home. 'I love the food in the area.  Living in Nashville we don't get a lot of the authentic Italian food that so amazing.  So plans for when I'm home are try and visit as much friends as I possibly can and eat as much food as I possible can.  But what's his favorite dish?   'Definitely the chicken riggies.  I love chicken riggies.  My favorite dish in the world.'  Maybe we should have some on hand when Gloriana returns home March 14th for the acoustic show with James Wesley and Dustin Lynch.

You can get your tickets for the show at our business office at 9418 River Road in Marcy, at the Rome Capitol Theater box office, by calling 7689-9500 or online.

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