If you've played golf long enough there's been that one amazing shot, one that goes in from a hundred yards.  For Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phelps it came much sooner.  Meanwhile, PGA player Paul Casey's publicity came from a dog stealing his ball.  What could make this story even crazier? Check out the video and pictures and then the crazy part.

Is there anything Michael Phelps can't do?  He has 18 swimming gold medals and now what some are calling a record putt.  The record may be in question because no one really keeps track of these things, but in the televised era it's the longest putt every made.

Paul Casey's attention came when a dog ran out of the gallery and grabbed his ball off the green. After some dog wrangling and rules officials' judging Casey went on to make birdie. He gave the dog the ball and even posed fgor some pictures.

And now for the "no way!" ending. Phelps and Casey were not only playing in the same tournament, but were partners in the pro-celebrity "European Tour’s Dunhill Links Championship."   Ever see or hear anything crazier on the golf course?  If so, please share.