When I was a kid my cooking skills were limited to throwing a hot dog into a pan of boiling water. The kids on the new FOX reality show "Masterchef Junior", debuting Friday, are apparently somewhat more skilled in the kitchen. It's described as a cooking competition between 24 kids ages 8 to 13. From the looks of the trailer they're pretty good. Check it out.

Masterchef's Gordon Ramsey and fellow judges Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich may or may not tone down the criticism of the young chef's culinary creations, we'll have to tune in to see. The kids will be competing for a $100,000 grand prize and the title of North America's first-ever MasterChef Junior. The show premieres Friday at 8 on FOX.



Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids The Worst Thing You Heard Mom Say

A new study shows women are more likely to curse than men, especially in the car. Matt Herkimer blogged about the results last week and Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know if it was true. So he went to the streets to ask those who know the real answer. The kids.