"Can someone please explain to me how anyone can steal from a grave, let alone the grave of a fallen Marine?" That's the question Vicky Arnold has after a Marine Corps coin was taken from her son's gravestone, again.

Lance Corporal Jeremy Lasher was killed in Afghanistan. Kyle Castle, who was with Lasher when he was killed, left the medallion on his headstone in 2011 at Oneida Castle Cemetery.

Vicky Arnold

The coin isn't the only thing missing. Arnold says an Eagle Globe and Anchor medallion that Jeremy's brother Ryan left, is also gone from the grave. "There is absolutely no monetary value to these items. I just don't understand it."

Vicky Arnold

Dealing with stolen memorabilia once is hard enough, but twice? "My son died for what he believed in and protecting scum like you was included," Arnold says to the coin thief.

The first time the medallion was taken from Lasher's gravestone was during the Memorial Day weekend in 2014. A veteran was kind enough to replace it when he heard about it being stolen.

"It makes me sad to think somebody would take anything from grave, let alone the grave of a fallen hero," says Arnold who even taped the medallion down. "I was hoping that few seconds it took to pry it off, their conscience would kick in."

Whoever took these pieces of memorabilia must not have a conscience.