If you thought that todays snowstorm was something just think back a few years to the "Storm of the Century" that hit Central New York the weekend of March 12-13, 1993.

It was morning on Saturday, March 13 when the Blizzard of '93 began. Before it finished it set records, beating out the epic Blizzard of '66.It brought the most snow in 24 hours: 35.6 inches. The 22.1 inches that fell on that Saturday set a one-day record for that date that still stands.And the storm helped make March 1993 the snowiest on record with 54.4 inches.

That Saturday, the 13th, happened to be the date of the annual St. Patricks day parade in Utica. Believe it or not, the parade went on despite a paucity of spectators. One notable exception was Dolly Parton who just so happened to be in town for a show that night at the Stanley Theatre which, by the way, was postponed to the following night. Dolly went on David Letterman's show a few nights later and commented on how she had been snowbound in Utica and had witnessed some crazy people parading in 2 feet of snow.