Meet the 'prettiest woman' the man coming out of surgery has ever seen.  Candice Mortensen is Jason's wife and the one who shot the video of her husband after surgery. The couple appeared on the 'Today' show to talk about the video, that has gone viral and to put any rumors to rest of it being staged or fake.

Candice says she started filming after her husband had been acting funny for about 20 minutes, following his hernia surgery.  Jason doesn't remember a thing. He asked if she was a model and was stunned to learn they were married, saying 'I hit the jackpot.'

After finally getting to see Jason's wife, I'd have to agree.  She IS beautiful and he DID hit the jackpot.

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Girl Drugged Up After Oral Surgery Thinks She Murdered Her Wisdom Teeth [VIDEO]

I love videos of drugged-up kids who just came from the dentist. Abbie is from Kansas and through the entire video of her car ride home, she can't stop crying. Why? Because she's convinced she murdered her wisdom teeth. She's holding her teeth in a little cup the whole time, and a lot of what she says is slurred.