The American Idol Top 8 went back to where it all started, performing their audition songs. Country boy Dexter Roberts sang Brett Eldredge's 'One Mississippi,' CJ Harris poured his soul into 'Soul Shine,' but it was Malaya Watson who had the performance of the night with 'Ain't No Way.'

CJ Harris

CJ Harris showed improvement from his audition, pouring his soul into the Allman Brothers' 'Soul Shine.' Keith Urban heard the difference, 'that's the reason you got here was that song. It was good to hear it again. You really reigned it in way better than the audition.'

CJ Harris 'Soul Shine'

Dexter Roberts

Dexter Roberts gave the judges what they've wanted for weeks; a ballad that showcases his voice, performing 'One Mississippi.' He just sat on stool and sang. 'That's a great song by Brett Eldredge' Keith said before telling Dexter 'you've really grown in leaps and bounds but pay less attention to the sound of your voice, think about the lyric and communicate that, because you have everything else.' Although it was one of Dexter's best performances, I'm confused over the song choice since he sang 'I Like to Drive' by Casey James for his audition.

Dexter Roberts 'One Mississippi'

CJ & Dexter

The top 8 also paired up to perform duets. It only makes sense to put Dexter and CJ together. They performed Darius Rucker's 'Alright' and it was just that; alright.

CJ & Dexter 'Alright'

Malaya Watson

There ain't no way Malaya is going home this week after having the best performance of the night. Keith gave her a standing ovation and Jennifer Lopez called her a frontrunner. 'You're going to be such a huge star. You're going to run away with this competition.'

Malaya Watson 'Ain't No Way'

One more will go home tonight if the judges don't use their save. Tune into Fox at 9.