Luke Bryan has been known to thrust his hips Elvis-style when he's on stage performing. Apparently, the ladies notice. It even came up in the press room after his CMA Music Festival performance. Some woman asked if he practices his 'hip shaking.' Luke was kind enough to go with it.

He said, 'It's genetic. I never plan it or plot it. But . . . did I thrust them a little? I'm sorry. Was there some mass blushing?'

You can watch Luke thrust those sexy hips at the New York State fair this summer.  He'll take the grandstand stage August 29th with Thompson Square.

Luke also talked about his next album, which is due out August 13th. He thinks it's so good that every song could be a hit. He said, 'I am confident in saying every [song] on the album could be a single. I'd love to have seven or eight singles from it. I think it's that strong of an album.'