Luke Bryan is having trouble staying on stage. He fell, again while performing in North Carolina Thursday May 29th. It wasn't just any fall, it was bad enough, he needed stitches.

North Carolina hasn't been a great place for Bryan who told the crowd 'The last time I was in North Carolina I busted my a** on stage. What is it about North Carolina that makes me bust my a**?.' It was more like a trip than a fall.

'Please YouTube that, right now,' Bryan says. Of course it was uploaded from a fan in the front row. He then broke into song, changing the words to 'This is a bust your a** kind of night.'

Bryan may want to consider putting barricades around the edge of his staging, not walking so close or getting walking lessons. He seems to fall a LOT! Although, I'm sure the fans don't mind when he lands on top of them. Check out his clutzy moves.

Iowa Fall

Panama City Beach Florida Fall

I may have someone who's clumsier than me. Glad to hear he wasn't hurt seriously in his latest fall. Bryan may be People's Magazine's Sexiest Man in country, but he's our clumsiest man in country.