Luke Bryan likes to 'drink a beer,' or two, but can he out drink Andy? Luke dropped by the Ellen Degeneres show to talk ACM Awards and his annual Spring break concert.

'It's the two days of my year that I just get to be really stupid. It's the only two shows I drink on stage. After six years, I've learned what to start with, what to drink. It's all about ramping it up to completing the show,' Bryan tells Ellen.

Since Luke likes his beer, Ellen challenged him to a drink-off with her staffer Andy.  The results were embarrassing; for Luke.

The Ellen Show via YouTube

Young Luke

Ellen dug up an old picture of Luke as a boy, reminding him where he came from and where he's at today. 'To be a small town kid and go to playing Madison Square Garden, Soldier Field, these iconic venues, it's a serious American dream that's happening and I want to enjoy it,' says Luke.

Ellen Underwear

By the way ladies, despite the rumors, Luke says he does wear underwear under those tight jeans. 'I wear Ellen underwear.'  He'll be wearing them awhile too. Ellen gave him a box full.

The Ellen Show via YouTube

Before coming on stage, Luke made Stephanie's day, who works for Ellen. What a guy!