Congrats are in order for Love & Theft's Eric Gunderson.  He and wife welcomed a son into the world earlier than expected.  Camden William Gunderson arrived Sunday March 9th, a couple of months sooner than his May 18th due date.  I guess he was ready to make his grand entrance into the world.

The baby will spend some time in the hospital, since he was born a little early.  But he's doing fine, along with mom & dad.

Eric and his wife will celebrate their third wedding anniversary next month.  They announced they were expecting last November and revealed it was a boy in December.  Congrats to the new family!  It looks like Eric will get to spend some time at home with his new son before heading out on the road with his band mate Stephen Barker Liles on Tim McGraw's 'Two Lanes of Freedom' tour, which will stop at Darien Lake Memorial Day.