Lucille Willson is a local farmer. She has been selected as a winner in "America's Farmers Grow Communities," sponsored by the Monsato Fund. The local non profit she has decided to donate those winnings to is The Florence Volunteer Fire Company.

Here is the Monsanto Fund Mission Statement:

Since 1964, the Monsanto Fund has worked to substantially and meaningfully improve people’s lives. Just as Monsanto Company has been the leader in innovative and sustainable agriculture, the Monsanto Fund has worked to be an innovative philanthropic leader, providing sustainable assistance to communities in need around the world.

The Monsanto Fund's America's Farms Grows Communities works directly with farmers to support non profit organizations doing important work in rural communities. This is a national program that includes 1,289 eligible counties in 39 different states.

Mrs. Willson, The Florence Volunteer Fire Company, and a Monsanto Fund representative will participate in a check presentation Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at 11:00am. This will take place at the Florence Fire Dept. at 11910 Thompson Corner-Florence Road in Camden, NY.