It's like Christmas came early, three great new songs from three great country performers. Luke Bryan - 'Drink A Beer', Toby Keith - 'Shut Up and Hold On' and Billy Currington - 'We Are Tonight' have all just been released.  Click to give them a listen and tell us your favorite.

The fact that we're close to Christmas always means lots of new music should be headed our way.  But I doubt that we'll find three of country's biggest stars releasing it all at the same time.  Give them a listen and vote for your favorite at the bottom.

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 Luke Bryan - Drink A Beer

Don't let the title fool you, this isn't a good time, drinking song.  It's about losing someone way too early in life.

When I got the news today
I didn’t know what to say
So, I just hung up the phone
I took a walk to clear my head
This is where the walking led
Can’t believe you’re really gone
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Toby Keith - Shut Up and Hold On

This sounds like Toby live and he says that's exactly the feel they were looking for when they recorded the song.'s fun and it just feels like being in an amphitheatre or festival.  We were messing around with the vocal and trying to get some different drum sounds.  We got the groove where we wanted it and I said "Wow, that thing really took off.'  Toby Keith

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Billy Currington - We Are Tonight

Billy always has the ability to deliver a song that sounds like he's the guy next door, for instance, 'Good Directions' or 'Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right.'  This one has a summer feel to it.

It's a Friday night, it's a small town girl
Everything is right and we rule the world
2 twelve’s in the truck back, beating
A bunch of rock stars on a riverbank singing, whoa, whoa, everything, whoa, whoa
Everything we wanna be
We are, we are, we are tonight