Lindsay Lohan's is coming off a rough weekend.

On Friday, a judge sentenced the 24-year-old actress to 120 days in prison for violating her probation. In addition to jail, Lohan was also ordered to serve 480 hours of community service.

Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Holley, quickly appealed the ruling, and the 'Mean Girls' star was out on $75,000 bail hours just hours after she was sentenced.

Despite the 120-day sentence, Lohan was given a bit of good news on Friday: Judge Stephanie Sautner reduced her felony grand theft charge for allegedly stealing a necklace, to a misdemeanor. She now faces up to a year in prison, as opposed to three.

Lohan's trial begins on Jun. 3.  If she got 120 days for violating probation, she could be in big trouble for the theft.  Looks like Linday's going back

In the meantime, a friend told PEOPLE Lohan is "angry" about the ruling "because she has been working so hard on turning her life around."

One sign Lohan may actually be serious this time: she just signed a two-picture deal to co-star in two mafia-related movies, one of which is a biopic about John Gotti, starring John Travolta as the infamous mobster.