Finally, those gadgets of the future which we saw on "The Jetsons" are here! Let's face it, we all love barbecuing but hate cleaning the grill. Now, you can let the "Grillbot" do it for you automatically!

According to

"The Grillbot is the invention of former real estate agent Ethan Woods. Woods had his eureka moment while scrubbing his grill with a wire brush. He attached the brush to a power drill and the idea for the Grillbot was born.

A built-in LCD and alarm allows you to choose a light or deep clean and signals when cleaning is complete. Each Grillbot comes with a rechargeable battery pack, charger and LCD screen. A hanging storage case, extra brushes and extra batteries and chargers are also available."

Here's a brief demonstration of "The Grillbot" by the man who invented it: