Lee Greenwood isn't taking the elementary school 'God Bless the USA' controversy lying down.  He's speaking out for the kids who are too young to understand why their school principal banned the song from this year's graduation ceremony.

'I know they don't understand.  To tell you the truth I don't either.  Its a little puzzling.  However, I believe the principal is misled and had she thought it through a little more she probably would have said I don't have the authority to stop these kids from singing the song.  I have yet to understand who put the song in the program.  I'd like to shake that person's hand.'

Despite the principals decision to ban the song from this year's ceremony, the kids and parents are taking matters into their own hands and plan to go ahead anyway.

'If she does not rescind her decision to take USA out of the program, the kids are going to come out on the lawn after the program and sing it anyway.'

Greenwood feels Greta Hawkins needs a lesson in patriotism versus religion.

'She's confused between allegiance and worship.  I'm a Christian and I don't worship the flag, I salute it because of the many people who have served to keep our flag flying and give her the right to have her religious freedom.  But she's abusing authority by imposing her war on the student and the parent who believe singing USA is something you should do.'

'God Bless the USA' isn't just an anthem for Americans .  I'm Canadian but I was even moved the first time I heard the song.

'Right after I wrote USA I toured Canada quite a bit and I wrote a version of that song called 'God Bless Canada' and it gives tribute to the Canadians who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us in all of the wars we've ever faced.'

To celebrate Flag Day we've posted both versions, 'God Bless Canada' and 'God Bless the USA' below.

'God Bless the USA' is a song loved by those young and old.  We had elementary kids sing the anthem to show their support for the kindergarteners who are being put in the middle of this controversy.

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